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Skibis Castle TD
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Scarlet Guide

Scarlet is pretty easy to play, but on this tactic he will leak at wave 39+.
You can try to get a good mix on going over to tech to get the ulti if that is working to nonleak.
But all my tries didn't work ^^

In this tactic you simply build the strongest cheap towers first
and then you get the Salvo-Technology in your base to be able to build Wide-Range-Strong AOE-Towers,
which dont need the mobs at one position.
They shoot up to 5 rockets in different directions.

Wave 1
Build towers: Tower (3|1)
-build 1x (55g) = 55g

Skill 1
-Stun the last few mobs
Wave 1

Wave 2
Build towers: Tower (1|1)
-Build 1x (25g) = 25g

Upgrade towers: Upgrade (1|1)
-Upgrade 1x 32g->(35g) = 35g

Skill 1
-Stun the last few mobs
Wave 2

Wave 3
Build towers: Tower (3|1)
-Build 1x (55g) = 55g

Wave 4
Upgrade towers: Upgrade (3|1)
-Upgrade 1x 55->(90g) = 90g

Wave 5
Skill 1 Skill 2
-Use skills

-Micromanagement your towers

Wave 6
Build towers: Tower (1|2)
-Build 1x (140g) = 140g

Wave 7
Build towers: Tower (1|2) Upgrade towers: Upgrade (1|2)
-If you didnt get 300g: Build and Upgrade 1x (55g) -> (90g) = 145g

Wave 10
Technological Upgrade 'Salvo' (In your Hero-Choose-Building)
-Tech Salvo in your base (300g)

Skill 1 Skill 2
-Stun Boss infront of your towers
-Slow Boss after Stun

Wave 11-46
Build towers:Tower (1|2) Tower (3|2)
-Build unlimited (140g), : 2-8x (140g)

Build towers:Upgrade (1|2) Upgrade (3|2)
-Upgrade all 140g->(240g) and all except 1 in center 140g->(160g)

Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Skill 5
-Activate autocast for ice-armor-buff
-Slow the last few mobs
-If you or other people leak mobs you should reset them using your reset-skill
-Place your hero that way the towers which get most damage get your armor-aura